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By Jimmy Kimmel
Jane - August 2001

Jimmy Kimmel of Comedy Central's The Man Show poses as a woman hot for his cohost, Adam Carolla
Adam got invited to the Grammy Awards this year by Natalie Maines, one of the Dixie Chicks.  I won't even get into how he explained this date to his girlfriend, but he did and they went and had a nice, purely platonic time.  Meanwhile, all of this gave me a great idea for a prank.
How thoughtful
The day after the Grammies, Natalie sends Adam a dozen roses and a note reading: When can I see you again?  This causes Adam to become very full of himself.  He parades the note around the office, saying, "Well, how about that, fellas?  The chicks can't get enough of me!"  Except the flowers didn't really come from Natalie - they came from Daniel (our executive producer) and me.  But Adam is clueless.
That's kind of sweet
So we keep up the joke and send Adam one of those big heart-shaped cookies the following day with a note that reads: Seriously, when can I see you again?  And, of course, this only feeds Adam's ego some more.
Wait a minute ...
The third day, we messenger Adam a 6-foot sub sandwich with the words I will not be ignored!! written in mustard on the roast beef.  Now he starts to get nervous - like maybe "Natalie" is stalking him or something, which we love - so we keep it up.
What the hell?
The final gift is a pair of panties with yet another note accompanying it.  We set it up and write: I want to f#*@ you so bad.  Adam doesn't know what to do.  He's got a girlfriend, and this is getting out of hand (and he doesn't even like country music that much).
Oh, you bastards!
I tell Adam that he just has to call Natalie and put a stop to her gift-giving.  "This chick is nuts!" I yell.  "You don't know what she might do!"  So he gets her number, dials her up, makes small talk and then drops the bomb.  "Uh, listen," he says, sounding concerned.  "Thanks for the flowers and the cookie and the sub sandwich and panties.  I'm very flattered, but I have a girlfriend and if she finds out ..."  Suddenly Daniel and I start cacling like hyenas - and Adam realizes that she never sent any of the stuff.  Without missing a beat, he continues: "So how's that new album coming along?"

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