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By Bob Paxman
Country Weekly - January 7, 2003

Newborns made the stars' lives even brighter
Dixie Chick Emily Robison, Tracy Byrd, Montgomery Gentry's Troy Gentry and many more welcomed new additions to their family nests.  And the waiting room of soon-to-be proud mamas and papas includes Sara Evans, who's expecting her second child next year, Mark Wills and Shannon Lawson.
Perhaps proudest of all is Emily, who has often talked about her stuggles with infertility.  Her dream of motherhood finally came true as she and singer/songwriter husband Charlie Robison welcomed Charles Augustus on Nov. 11.
The baby - who's been nicknamed "Gus" - made his debut at a hefty 8 pounds, 13 ounces.  On hand to watch the big event along with Charlie were Emily's Dixie Chick mates, sister Martie Maguire and Natalie Maines.
"I was weepier watching Gus be born than with my own son," declared an emotional Natalie.  "He's got Charlie's hair ... and a big mouth!"
November was also a month to remember for Troy Gentry and wife Angie when daughter Kaylee Alexandra arrived Nov. 13.  Honky-tonker Troy proved to be a "hands-on" dad as he assisted in the delivery room.
Tracy Byrd and wife Michelle added a new member to their flock when their third child was born in September.  But for a while, the little boy was going by the moniker "Baby Byrd," as the couple couldn't decide on a name.
"We wanted one that would flow with our other two children's names, Evee Elisabeth and Logan Lynn," Tracy explained.  Nearly two weeks after the birth, Tracy and Michelle finally decided on the name Jared James for their second son.
Diamond Rio guitarist Jimmy Olander and wife Claudia Fontenot fulfilled their dreams of parenthood with son Maximum Fitzgerald, born May 21.  The baby was especially rewarding as Jimmy and Claudia had tried for two years to conceive before deciding on an "open adoption," where the birth mother stays in contact with the child.
"Everything's been warm and fuzzy since Max got here," says Jimmy.  "I am overjoyed."
An elated Eric Heatherly became a dad for the first time - daughter Christiana Faye was born on July 21 to the star and wife Heather.  "I have never experienced anything more miraculous!" declares Eric.
Lonestar guitarist Michael Britt also experienced the first-time miracle.  On July 15, he and wife Rene became new parents to a son, Ethan Michael.
"The guys in the band have told me to get as much rest as I can, because I'm never going to rest again - ever!" laughed Michael after the blessed event.  "Just kidding!  I'm going to work hard at it.  It'll be fun."

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