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By Wendy Newcomer
Country Weekly - May 1, 2001

New mom Natalie Maines and husband Adrian Pasdar are ecstatic over the birth of their son, Jackson Slade.  But these first-time parents don't want their fans to send baby presents; they want to help out other kids in need.  On Adrian's website, www.adrianpasdartributesite.com, the happy couple has this to say: "Since we are so blessed, we request that, in lieu of gifts, anyone wanting to honor the birth of Jackson Slade Pasdar do so by helping children less fortunate with a contribution in his name to the Texas Pediatric AIDS League.  Thank you for sharing our joy in such a meaningful way."
The Pediatric AIDS League's mission is to identify and address the needs of infants and children who are infected by HIV/AIDS.  The group provides several programs to help these children live in as normal an environment as possible.  For more information on the agency, phone them at (512) 892-4776.  If you want to send a tax-deductible donation, make it payable to the Texas Pediatric AIDS League and address it as follows: In Honor of Jackson Slade Pasdar, Texas Pediatric AIDS League, P.O. Box 9936, Austin, Texas 78766.

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