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Country Music Today - 2002

You know, of course, that Dixie Chicks Emily and Martie are sisters.  And you probably also know that Natalie Maines is the sister-in-law of Martie's husband, Gareth Maguire (his brother is married to Natalie's sister, Kim).  And that Natalie's father is Home producer Lloyd Maines.  But there are other connections both within the Chick family and outside the henhouse as well:
Natalie's husband, Adrian Pasdar, made his film debut as "Chipper" in the 1986 blockbuster, Top Gun, which also starred Anthony Edwards, who later went on to star in the TV drama ER, with Julianna Margulies, who appeared with Emily's husband, Charlie Robison, in the 1999 film, The Big Day.  Charlie is the brother of songwriter Bruce Robison, who is married to singer Kelly Willis, who appeared (as a folk singer) in the film Bob Roberts starring actor/writer/director Tim Robbins.  Tim Robbins starred in the film The Player, which was directed by Robert Altman, who also directed Short Cuts, featuring singer Lyle Lovett and his future ex-wife, Julia Roberts, who starred in The Mexican with The Sopranos' James Gandolfini, who is featured in the drama A Civil Action, along with Harry Dean Stanton, who appeared in the 1971 film, Two-Lane Blacktop, featuring James Taylor, who can currently be seen in the exclusive CMT series Crossroads with ... The Dixie Chicks!

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