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Fowl Play: Dixie Chicks Jam With James Taylor


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Country Music Today - 2002

"Hello, Cleveland," James Taylor shouted as he took the stage - in Nashville - for a taping of CMT's Crossroads with longtime fans, The Dixie Chicks.  "That was original," the always outspoken Natalie Maines responded, adding, "Who would have thought two days ago that I'd be making fun of you!  He's like my brother now!"
Fun continued to be the operative word of the evening as the Chicks and "brother James" traded quips, including Sweet Baby James' baby naming tips for Emily, who was five months pregnant at the time.  "Mylar is good.  And Nyquil, too" he joked.  When an audience member asked James about his own babies, year-old twins Henry and Rufus, he laughingly admitted, "Well, I can't get 'em on the phone, but they're great!"  Natalie then proudly proclaimed that Slade had learned to say "apple."
Introducing James' 1985 hit, "Only One," Emily told the crowd, "I don't know if he liked it too much when we kept saying, 'When I was little, I listened to this song all the time.'"  And Martie, who had remained fairly quiet throughout the show, confessed that when she was young she often kissed the cover of James' classic 1971 album, Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon.  "Me too!" James replied.  "I was kissing Michael Jackson's Thriller."  Natalie added, "Not anymore!"

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