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By Wendy Newcomer
Country Weekly - September 3, 2002

Fans can't get enough of the Dixie Chicks' new song, "Long Time Gone."  There's just one problem - many don't know what the heck the girls are singing!
Recently seen on the message board of the Chicks' official website, www.dixiechicks.com, were some hysterical comments.
For example, the first line of "Long Time Gone" is, My daddy sits on the front porch swingin' / Lookin' out on a vacant field.  But baffled poster AggieChick03 writes: "At first all I could figure out for 'vacant field' was 'bacon field.'  I knew it wasn't right, but that's the word that's stuck in my head!"
Another misheard line was I ain't honked the horn since I don't know when.  Poster Effulgent dares to share: "Up until I read some stuff on this board, my sister and all my friends and I thought the last line was 'I ain't looked at porn!'  I swear it sounds like that!"
For the message board and other updated features, check out the Chicks' newly designed website.