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By Stephen L. Betts
Country Music Today - February/March 2000

I have never learned to ...
Martie: sky dive
Emily: hang glide
Natalie: be a trapeze artist
One thing I don't understand is ...
Martie: sex education
Emily: calculus
Natalie: quantum physics
My first teen crush was ...
Martie: Rex Smith
Emily: Rick Springfield
Natalie: Donny Osmond
If reincarnation is possible, I hope I come back as ...
Martie: a record company president
Emily: Pamela Lee's figure
Natalie: Mrs. John Travolta
If reincarnation is possible, I hope I DON'T come back as ...
Martie: a banjo
Emily: Martie
Natalie: our manager
I love the smell of ...
Martie: freshly baked bread
Emily: roses
Natalie: summer rain
I can't stand the smell of ...
Martie: coffee
Emily: ammonia
Natalie: chewing gum
The most amazing sight I have ever seen is ...
Martie: Emily getting married
Emily: the sunset over the west Texas skyline
Natalie: Emily getting married
As the "CMT Showcase Artists" for September 1999, the Dixie Chicks had plenty to say.  So much, in fact, that even if you watched the entire month-long Showcase, there were still plenty of great moments you missed.  With each issue of CMT Country Music Today Magazine, we'll bring you exclusive, never-before published or aired portions of the CMT Showcase interviews!
Natalie Maines: I walked back to the back of the bus the other day, and they've both standing there almost naked going, 'no, you have more dimples, but mine are deeper.  I'm telling you.'  And I'm like, 'what are y'all doing?'  'We're comparing dimples on our butt.'  So we're humbled every single day of our lives.
Martie Seidel: Well I think you really feel the music, because the other day ... nobody's there.  We're having sound check.  [Emily's] head-banging during sound check.  So on the music to "Ready to Run," I can just tell that sound really moves her to want to dance and spin around.  I mean that's what it's all about.  And she has different levels of rocking out.  Like if she's not feeling so good one night, she might not be quite as head-banging as she would another night.  So the music has to move you to do stuff like that.
Emily Robison: We have to have a good time and make each other laugh or we're in trouble.  So, people get a little bit shocked.  Road people not so much, because they're pretty much the same way.
Natalie: People think like Emily is the quiet thinker, always looking at her instrument.  And she's really just cracking jokes all the time.  She has the most infectious laugh.
Martie: It's very typical to sit in a room with Natalie, you wouldn't think of sitting in a room with Natalie and just saying nothing.  You know, she's a thinker not just a talker.
Emily: I think the music is what drives us to be so wild on stage.  But, people attribute a lot of things to us off stage that aren't true, jsut because they assume we're one way or another.
Natalie: And we're a lot more alike off stage then on stage.  I think we melt together into one really fat person!
Natalie: Divorce is never good.  But, in different aspects of life, failing is something ... you can laugh at everything.  And I think you should.  You should never take yourself too seriously.  And I think I used to think I was above divorce.  Like even when I wasn't happy I was a little cocky about, well I can withstand anything and I'll never get a divorce.  The minute you start taking yourself too seriously and saying, 'I'll never,' that's not good for anybody to have that sort of image like you can't fail and people aren't gonna accept it.
Martie: As far as going too far in saying things that (aren't) role model-like for kids, we don't try to think too much about it.  We just try to be ourselves.  But I have a five-year-old stepson and I kind of gauge it like, 'Are we saying anything (on our CD) that I wouldn't want him to hear?  Am I saying anything on TV or anything in the public eye that I would be ashamed for him to see or hear?'  We have a pin that says 'Chicks kick ass.'  So what we did is, we tempered it to where I was happy, and that meant you can't buy that pin unless your're 12 years old.  If you're with your parent you can, but your parents has to be with you, unless you're (over) 12 years old.  So I was happy with that.
Natalie: We're making money.  We make three dollars off that pin and I don't care if they're two years old.  No, I'm kidding.  I am SO teasing.  See, that is something I'm get in trouble for.
Martie: It's not about girl power, and women with attitude and all that stuff.  I mean we love men.  And I think we're very traditional as far as a man being a man and us being the female role.  Even though we look like that strong women thing.  And we're very much traditionalists.  Emily had a very traditional wedding.  We're not women's libbers per se.  We just believe that women should have equal rights.  And we're glad that women are kicking butt right now.  And we think a lot of women opened the door for us to do that, to be successful.
Martie: I wrote "Cowboy Take Me Away" with Marcus Hummon, who si a great writer.  That song came together in just a matter of hours.  And I remember having the title in my little writing book, and I think I was thinking of commercials, "Calgon, take me away," but "Cowboy, take me away."  Emily at the time was just dating Charlie.  They met at Fan Fair.  And I guess I was hoping that this was the one.  Because there were so many that weren't the one that she'd come home to us and say, "He's the one.  I'm gonna marry him."
Natalie: "This is it.  This is it, y'all, I'm telling you.  I'm gonna marry him.  I love him."
Martie: It's a very sentimental song for us.  We sang it at Emily's wedding, very tipsy.  And nobody will ever see that footage.
Emily: We were so out of tune.  Oh my gosh!
Natalie: It looks a little silly to be rocking out when everyone (in the audience) is sitting still, going, 'She's scaring me.  Is she scaring you, because she's scaring me!'
Emily: People are just like ... looking at each other going, 'Is she going to fall off the stage?'
Natalie: I probably will some day.

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