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By Robyn Flans
Country Weekly - July 11, 2000

Dixie Chicks beat the buzzer as game show contestants
Answer: This country trio recently competed on Rock & Roll JEOPARDY.
Question: Who are the Dixie Chicks?
It's seven in the morning at a Los Angeles TV studio.  But even at this early hour, the Chicks - Martie Seidel, Emily Robison and Natalie Maines - are wide awake, ready to square off on a special edition of VH1's pop-culture game show.
As they take their places on the set, the playful trash talk starts to fly.
"If the categories are things like arena rock," declares Emily, "we're going to duke it out!"
"If she gets ahead of me, I'm just going to wrestle her to the ground!" counters Natalie.  "We made a bet yesterday about who would win.  It's definitely going to be either Emily or me.  One thing is for sure, it won't be Martie."
"Hey," shrugs Martie, "that just takes the pressure off me."
The girls are longtime fans of JEOPARDY and were thrilled when VH1 launched a rock 'n' roll version of the popular show.  "We love Rock & Roll JEOPARDY," says Emily.
The trio proved it while showing off their music-history savvy.  Emily aces a Garth Brooks category, Natalie scores big on Diana Ross and Martie racks up points on recording technology.
As Emily takes an early lead, Natalie deadpans with her best excuse: "Well, my buzzer is broken!"
So how'd they prepare to slaughter each other?
"Lots of donuts, grease and carbs," quips Natalie.
No doubt the girls were on a sugar rush, displaying lots of playful competitive razzing and even mock fisticuffs behind the buzzers.
"They've been like this since they got here," remarks a stagehand, shaking his head."
So which Chick was the victor?
Until the show airs this summer, the only winners we can divulge are the charities the girls were playing for.  They correctly answered enough questions to raise $9,500 for VH1's Save The Music, the Wildlife Foundation Fund and Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

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