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By Richard Skanse
Rolling Stone - October 15, 1999

"A BABY STORY"  It's this show on the Learning Channel.  You get to see these people have their babies, and I'm addicted to that.  It has nothing to do with wanthing a child - I think it's just a female thing.  They also do A Wedding Story, and you get to see the couple before they are married, and you get to see how in love they are, and then you get to see their wedding.  Sometimes I watch just to see how bad the hair is.
FRANCE  I decided that I'm getting married, having children and living in the South of France six months of the year.  We'll see if that happens.  I want little French-speaking children.  Watching kids play hide-and-seek in French was really cute, counting: "Un, deux, trois ..."
CHUY'S in Austin  When I go back to visit my parents, we always go out for Mexican food.  Chuy's is really funky.  There's the Hubcap Room and the Elvis Room and lots of Christmas lights.  I get the bean-and-cheese burrito, and on the menu it says, "as big as yo' face."  It's pretty dang big.
NASHVILLE PREDATORS  I'm a hockey fanatic.  I love the aggression - it's very manly to me.  I like watching them heckle each other.  If I got to go down there, I'd ask them, "So what are you saying?  Are you trash-talking?"
OTTO TOOTSI PLOHOUND  It's a shoe store in New York.  I am a shoe diva.  I love all the different styles and colors and that they make their own shoes.  It's not something you'd find in a mall or everyone would be wearing a pair of there's right now.  It's swanky.
The Dixie Chicks' new album, "Fly," is the follow up to "Wide Open Spaces."

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