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By Rebecca Rankin
TV Guide - August 19, 2000

Whose voice graces the version of "Amazing Grace" heard on the August 22 Pax premiere of Mysterious Ways?  Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks, whose husband, Adrian Pasdar, is one of the series's stars.  "What she does with the Chicks compromises about 5 percent of what she's capable of," says Pasdar.  The couple married two months ago in Vegas ("We got the $29.95 special: They played 'Here Comes the Bride,' we said 'I do,' wrote a check and split," he says), but when they met last year, Pasdar didn't know the Chicks from the Eagles.  Would he ever sing with his wife?  "No.  If you lived with Houdini, would you practice magic?"

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