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By Noah Tarnow
Rolling Stone - December 10, 1998

"Wide Open Spaces"
FLYING THE COOP: Texans Natalie Maines (vocals, guitar), Emily Erwin (guitar, banjo) and Martie Seidel (fiddle) join country's top tier with Wide Open Spaces, which is Number Ten on the Billboard 200 album chart.  Their current single is the title track, a moon-eyed tale of leaving home.  "We thought a lot of people would relate to that," says Maines.
ORIGINAL RECIPE: Sisters Seidel and Erwin originally called themselves Dixie Chicks, after the Little Feat song.  "But," Maines - who joined the Chicks later - tells us, "they played a barbecue joint and the billboard said LIVE MUSIC, DIXIE CHICKEN.  And people thought Dixie chicken was the special, that they were food!"
CHICKEN SCRATCH: Every time the Chicks score a Number One record or earn a gold or platinum album, they bring out the ink.  "We each have three tattoos so far," says Maines.  "It's a little chick foot on our feet."
PROTECT THE NEST: Maines and Seidel are both married; Erwin is engaged.  "No offense to our band," says Maines, "but we don't hire any good-looking guys.  We know we're better off."

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